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The drawing is pretty good but there can be some things to fix. First let me explain why I gave you this rating. The vision is very wel...

I love Adventure Time but this is why I might be a bit harsh, sorry if I do seem mean or cold about this picture it's just straight out...



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Hello I am poor as dirt on here so what ever this isn't that meaningful I just kinda wants some points

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i noticed that there wasn't many of these so making some for now :p
You had always loved hearing fairy tales when you were young and had your questions about which of the were fake and which were real. You were at the time just sitting round waiting for your parents to pick you up and you saw him, Henry Mills, the lonely boy who had everyone thinking he was crazy. You decided that you had the time so you went up to the boy with dark brown hair. You sat next to him and ask, "What's in that book that you've been reading this whole time?"
"Wha-" said the boy who was shaken up from the random conversation. "Fairy tales..." 

"What kind? The real ones or stupid fakers." Henry's eyes widen as you said real ones and starred in yours eyes with joy. "Oh no I broke him!" You then shake your hand in front of his eyes til he grabs it.

"You know that their real?"

"Course I do but how come you know their real?" 

"Well they have always seemed real to me, I don't know why I but have this weird gut feeling, you know?"

"Sure but how do I know you're on my side and not just playing a prank on me like a mean girl would?"

"Because I believe you." you both paused for a second staring wide eyed at one another then you changed the topic not wanting anything too serious to happen. "Plus if I really wanted to get in trouble with the mayors son I think I would do it in a way that wouldn't leave me responsible, or for the matter anyone." He then flipped the pages of the book and then stopped on one page. There you were, in a sparkled long red dress that got darker and darker going down until at he bottom was black as the night and the sleeves were longer than your arms. You then you got closer and closer to see what he was reading but when you along got your chance to read it and see the picture he closed it slightly. "Hey! What was that for?!"

"You are about to see yourself, and it's not what you would like to see I'm guessing. Are you sure you want to see this?" 

"Do you think I would lean in so closely to you not being prepared for what ever I see?" you said with a bit of annoyance.

 "Wait can I at least know your name first?" Henry said with concern. Sadly your parents car had pulled up and your mom honked the horn and yelled to you, "Come on ____ it's time to go!"

"Kay just one sec!" You yelled to them and turned back to Henry as you ran to the (color) car. "That's my name! See you in class and we can talk more later, bye!" You waved to him as you  got in the car thinking you heard bye but not quite sure. The car kept driving on and you couldn't help but think why did he no want to show you what or who you were before this. Another thought in your head was if you were a fairy tale character why are you here? Was this a past life of yours? What was my name back then or was it the same as now? Your mind went to everything but it stopped at one thing. Are your parents even your real parents or were they just given to you out of the blue? You kept thinking till you mom said, "So who's the boy you were talking to and do I have to tell your father you have a boyfriend?"

"M-M-M-Mom!" Your face was filled with blush. "I jus-st met him today!" Your mother always liked to tease you with boy and girlfriend stuff. You then looked to her with concern with that thought of not your real parents in your head. "Mom can I ask you something?"

"Sure what is it sweetie?" She said to you with a smile.

"You're my real mom right? I wasn't adopted or was I? Did you kill my birth parents and take me or something weird like that?"

"Course I am what else could I be? And no I didn't kill anyone for you." 

"Oh," you then let your guard down on the outside, "that's good I was worried."

"You know that only happens in fairy tales right?" You then quickly stiffened up and made a little fearful sound. You slowly nodded your head. She had to word it like that of all things like that! You then opened the car window since you needed some fresh air. You could feel the air run through your (hair length) and you heard the wind blow through and you couldn't help but hold your hand out the window with this feeling of peace of mind. Then all the sudden you had flash before your eyes for a mere few seconds. You saw the clouds and a castle below you as you were riding something since you couldn't have been flying. You heard someone calling your name, it sounded like someone that almost brought your eyes to tear but you had no idea of who was calling your name. Before you could even turn around you it had finished and your mom's voice replaced the heavenly voice that made tears flow from your eyes, "Put your hand back in the car!" You then quickly realized what was going on and you quickly put it back in. 

"Sorry! I don't know what I was doing..." you said, "It just felt natural."

"Well don't ever do that again who knows what could have happened." Your mother said with concern.

"Hey mom where's Madam Mayor's house?"

"Well why do you want to know...?"

"I met her son Henry and I thought maybe I could talk with him later today."


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Hi I am Sarah, I am 15 and live in America! I love anime, manga, tv, movies, cats, jellyfish, acting, writing, drawing, lolita fashion (not the other ones), and a lot more!

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